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 S. Joseph ‘Joe’ DeMarco

Wire Frame Spitfire



This website is for artists who wish to create convincing perspective in the objects they draw and paint.

The two methods described are the drawing board Geometric Projection Method (GPM) , and Artists Perspective Modeler (APM) which is essentially a computer spreadsheet version of GPM. Both are the work of the late S. Joseph “Joe” DeMarco of Baltimore, USA, and are based upon the geometry and maths of GPM that he conceived in 1943. Both methods produce plot points which can be used to create a drawing but APM also generates a wire frame image which can be used for the same purpose. A typical example of a wire frame image is the Spitfire MK.IX shown above. This document focuses upon Joe`s great interest, namely aircraft, but both methods can be used to deal with many other objects, including architectural structures.

Since Joe passed away on 27th January, 2012, the project, including all its contents and intellectual property rights, has been passed on to me by his family. It is my intention to honour Joe`s last wish to keep his life`s work alive and kicking. In this respect, I am indebted to Jon Whitton in Chorley, UK, who assisted Joe with the original Website and, in particular, to my good friend Alan Tuckey of Lees, Oldham, UK, for his continued support and without whose computer expertise it would have been impossible for me to proceed with the development of APM-3.

The presentation of APM in this User document differs somewhat from Joe`s earlier format. The version described is APM-3 which includes an additional feature to place an aircraft on the ground. The APM-3 program, like its predecessors, uses a standard MS Excel spreadsheet that has been shown to work satisfactorily on Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7. It is supplied as a blank MASTER sheet and should be saved as such. Please refer to the ‘Terms’ page regarding macros. A separate MS Excel spreadsheet program generates required circles. The APM-3 package comprises this User document, the two MS Excel spreadsheet programs and a complimentary APM-3 spreadsheet covering the aforementioned Spitfire Mk.IX (1/48 scale).

Now, my purpose is to promote and distribute APM and although Joe, my friend of 10 years, is going to be a hard act to follow, I shall do my best to offer what assistance I can in explaining the workings of APM – or the earlier GPM – to those Users who might have any questions.

As a final note – All rights are reserved and APM is only available from source. No part of the APM system may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, or by any other information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission in writing.

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